In the rocky world, all around the Konjarska guta, there is a mysterious world: initials of names, dates, house numbers, small messages, signs… carved into the rocks. The men who restores the spiritual and material legacy of his ancestors is Toni Šavli.

Tony's art installations tell the story of horse shepherds:

About a sundial that only measures hours of sunshine and time that doesn't pass 

About the mountains with pagan names, about the mountains that are eternal

Signposts command us to follow them. We obey …

Passing the first lagoon.

Towards a new perspective and thinking.

Let's try Osho: “Life is something inconceivable. There was no need for it to happen, but it still happened. It is a miracle that we exist, that there are trees and that there are birds. It is an even bigger miracle that the rest of the universe is dead. Millions of stars and millions of solar systems are dead. ”

And now comes the beauty:

»Only on this small planet earth, which is nothing -- if you think of its proportion it is just a particle of dust -- life has happened on it. This is the most fortunate' place in the whole of existence. Birds are singing, trees are growing, blooming, people are there, loving, singing, dancing. Something just unbelievable has happened.” Osho