High above the Soča river valley, there are four chalets embedded in the slope of Kuk mountain and surrounded by panoramic decks. Large glass walls obscure the lines between indoors and outdoors – including in sauna, gym and by the fireplace – making you a part of majestic mountains. Boutique to us means eight guests. They come here from everywhere seeking peace and quiet, stories and adventures.

On a sofa amidst nature

Nebesa predominantly offers the luxury of peace. Intimacy amidst nature. Where the only neighbours to four couples are deer. Where large glass walls make you feel outdoors, flying between the sky and earth and being a part of spectacular mountains. It is like sitting on a couch amidst wild nature – green in summer, toned like Alpine flowers in spring, in hues of gold and copper typical for autumn, and white in winter.
Perhaps you will be tempted to learn to distinguish between cumulus, stratus and cirrus clouds. Or to turn your cheek to the wrath of a storm. You may experience a breakfast in a cloud trapped somewhere between the sky and earth.

Three awards and a prestigious nomination

Architect Rok Klanjšček, under the mentorship of renowned Janez Hacin and with his team at the Real Engineering architectural studio, is the author of several internationally recognised projects and also cooperates with the French designer Philippe Starck. He received three awards and earned a prestigious nomination in 2003 with the Nebesa Tourist Settlement project. “It was an architectural challenge to aesthetically enrich the most beautiful of places. Hence, a place was made where modern design meets traditional design and where the exterior intertwines with the interior, making everything a unique experience.”