Privacy and personal data protection

The company Nebesa Chalets, Maja Roš Kanellopulos s.p. undertakes to respect and protect your privacy. When browsing the website, you are anonymous; we do not collect your personal data, except when you consent to the use of cookies (more about the use of cookies is available on the page where you will also an explanation as to how cookies work). For the purposes of statistics, Nebesa Chalets reserves merely the right to obtain data about website visitors from which no individual traits of website visitors can be inferred.

Notwithstanding the indication in the previous paragraph, web server log files (e.g. IP number – the number that identifies a particular computer or some other device on the Internet) are automatically saved on the web server upon every visit to the website The Internet functions in a manner logging certain data about visits to websites, such as IP number, browser version, time of visit and similar, on the web server hosting the website. Nevertheless, the data collected is not separately processed and related with other data.

In correspondence or inquiries via our website, you will entrust us with your personal data (name, surname, email, phone number). As the personal data controller, we guarantee and undertake to safeguard personal data as confidential pursuant to the provisions of the applicable legislation. The data you provide will not be disclosed to any third or unauthorised party and will be used and processed solely for the purposes for which it has been provided.

If you wish to learn which of your personal data is processed and for what purposes or if you wish to enforce any of the legal claims relating to the processing of your personal data (notification, restriction, deletion, rectification, data transfer or objection), send us an email at

To achieve uninterrupted operation and improve the user experience, the website contains cookies; more information about cookies is available on the page explaining the functioning of cookies.

The room in which the website server is located is properly physically protected.

Gooya d.o.o. is the maintainer, administrator and host of the website and in line with the contract concluded with Nebesa Chalets, Maja Roš Kanellopulos s.p., performs tasks relating to the portal maintenance and upgrades. Gooya d.o.o. and any other external providers undertake that personal data is processed solely within the scope of their authorisations granted by Nebesa and is not and cannot be processed for any other purpose.

Warning regarding unauthorised or incorrect use

For security reasons and provision of uninterrupted use to all users, Nebesa Chalets uses software to monitor traffic and identify unauthorised attempts to download or change information or any other way of causing damage. In the event of authorised legal inquiries and pursuant to the necessary legal procedures, information from such sources may be used to identify individuals.

Exclusion of liability

All information and material on the website are indicative. Nebesa Chalets, Maja Roš Kanellopulos s.p. strives to publish accurate, updated and complete data, but assumes no legal responsibility in relation to the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any piece of information, product or described procedure.
Nebesa Chalets or any other legal entity or natural person taking part in the creation and production of this website shall not be held responsible for any damage deriving from access, use or inability to use information on the website or for any errors or deficiencies in its content.

Nebesa Chalets cannot be held responsible for any damage (including that caused by a virus) to computer equipment, mobile phone or any other application with which it is possible to access the website due to the user’s visit to the website or any other use of it. Nebesa Chalets shall not be held responsible for any damage whatsoever that may arise due to the use or inability to use the website.

Nebesa Chalets reserves the right to change the content of the website at any time, in any way and for any reason without prior notification, and assumes no responsibility for any implications of such changes.

External links

For the sake of convenience or promotion, some web pages or sub-pages at may contain links to various external sites, such as third-party Internet sites, individual pages or other sources. We are not responsible for access to, content or errors of third-party links and, furthermore, the users of the website cannot assume that the websites of third-party links observe the same principles regarding privacy and personal data protection as Nebesa Chalets, Maja Roš Kanellopulos s.p.


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Our company is not responsible for personal opinions, comments, estimates or improper content published on the website by visitors.

The statements written by other people, as indicated in the previous paragraph, on the website reflect the author’s personal assessment and opinion and do not represent the position of our company.

We reserve the right to remove or change at our own discretion and without explanation any record published on the website that in any way violates the rights of third parties or is in any way illegal, insulting, offensive, vulgar or questionable.

Unexpected advertisements

Upon your visit to our website, your Internet browser may generate unexpected advertisements. Such advertisements are generated by other Internet sites or other software that is installed on your computer. Nebesa Chalets does not approve of or recommend any product or service shown via unexpected ads on your computer during your visit to our website.

If you have any questions in relation to the protection of your personal data during the use of this website and any other questions relating to this website, send us an email at