For those seeking escape

The Soča Valley is too small for mass tourism. Here you can still find hideaways...

Following the Walk of Peace from one boundary marker to another, from one peak to another, all the way to the World War I outdoor museum. In a clean atmosphere, you will see all the way to Venice! 1-2h

Below the mighty pyramid of Krn, five pasture settlements still hold sway. Take a break at one of them and ask shepherds for a slice of young cheese and still warm curd cheese. 1-3h

The cold Soča river hides many secluded places. It is a paradise for the mysterious marble trout! Nadiža is warmer and healing. You can indulge in it all day long!

An emerald lake surrounded by willow trees is desolated. Take a SUP board and paddle through houses in Most na Soči into a canyon all the way to the warm Idrijca river. 2-3h

The marble trout is the greatest challenge of every fisherman. It is a smart, whimsy and non-voracious fish that was on the brink of extinction three decades ago. Catch and release it!



For romantic souls

When in love, every step is romantic one way or another...

A picturesque walk where ancient times (ossuary, Tonovec Castle, bunkers) intertwine with natural beauties (the Kozjak waterfall, Soča river). 3h

It runs from the spring of Soča river to Bovec, measuring 25km in length, but you can walk along only a part of it and return by bus. Also beautiful is the section between Kobarid and Trnovo.

You can hire an electric bike at our place and wander around between Slovenia and Italy along the west border. You can have lunch at a mountain hut. 2h

A raft will keep you safe from wild rapids, so you can enjoy carelessly in the beauties of the rushing Soča river. Kayak requires experiences, so it is recommended that you hire a guide. 3h

If you are tempted to speed 50km/h, try the longest zip-line in Europe. Four kilometres of wire ropes run above the Učja river and somewhat less beneath the Kanin mountain.

... is magnificent. Take off from the Bovec airport and indulge in romance and adrenaline!


For active explorers

It is a mistake to stay in the Soča Valley for merely a day or two. You need to hear so many stories and experience so many things ...

... one of the most diverse battlefields of World War I, which inspired Ernest Hemingway to write the cult novel A Farewell to Arms; visit the Kobarid Museum, outdoor museums, the Italian ossuary, Javorca...

Explore the Friulian Slavia – the picturesque streets of Cividale del Friuli and the Unesco Lombard Temple, the pilgrim shrine in Stara Gora, museums from the Zbor Zbirk collection and so on. Try the gubanca cake roll!

A view of the “Slovenian Tuscany” is captured from the Gonjača panoramic tower; you can also visit the medieval village of Šmartno, the Vipolže Villa, the Dobrovo Castle, the Medana village and enter any of century-old wine cellars.

This is a true road trip! Passing waterfalls, canyons, springs and crossing the highest Slovenian mountain pass Vršič, you can go for a coffee to Kranjska gora or visit the Nordic Centre Planica, continuing your trip along a panoramic mountain road to the Mangart Saddle.

Slovenia is a boutique country where you can visit many tourist attractions in only a couple of hours: Bled, Bohinj, Ljubljana, Postojna Cave, Škocjan Caves, Piran, Izola and so on.


For sports enthusiasts

Would you like to walk, hike, climb, cycle or fly? You have chosen the right valley – the action valley!

This panoramic mountain bordering Italy is 1642m high. There is a 2-hour walk to a small church, but you can also “cheat” a little and get to the Pelizzo hut by car. You will reach the top in half an hour!

The mere ride to the village of Krn is a daring experience. After that, there is a 3-hour scenic hike to the peak of the 2244-metre-high rocky pyramid. Along the way, you will run into cows and you can also try fresh curd cheese and cheese. In the hut below and just below the peak, you can get refreshments.

For many people, this is one of the most beautiful, yet demanding cycling routes to the 1642-metre-high Matajur (it is recommended that you take the return shuttle).

Along the warm and healing Nadiža river to the westernmost Slovenian village of Robidišče. You can round up your tour on asphalt via Breginj and back to Kobarid.

Natural water slides, diving into river pools, abseiling down waterfalls – experience all that in a water adventure called canyoning. But embark on the adventure only in the company of a trained guide.

Two demanding mountain bike tours that will leave no downhill enthusiast indifferent.


For culinary hedonists

The Soča Valley boasts no lush gardens and plantations. However, it boasts shepherds, cheesemakers, hunters, fishermen and mushroom pickers. Here is a guide through typical dishes that you must try:

The most famous dessert in Posočje. They are served hot and filled with walnuts and other secret ingredients. Every housekeeper gives them her own twist and “signs” them with a finger mark at the centre.

This cheese is highly appreciated among connoisseurs. It is slightly zesty with an aftertaste of walnuts. It is made according to ancient recipes from raw milk.

A shepherds’ dish made of potatoes and cheese that will give you strength to move mountains.

You will look for it on the menu in vain. The marble trout is released back into water. For decades, fishermen have tried to bring back this extinct species to the Soča river and its tributaries. However, the brook trout and rainbow trout are also delicious!

A traditional dish comprising boiled baby potatoes served with differently salted curd cheese varieties.

The cult dish of Hiša Franko dating back to 1973. Today, you can try it at Hiša Polonka.

Hiša Franko: One of the best restaurants in the world led by master chef Ana Roš.
Hiša Polonka: Exceptional local dishes and six types of home-made beer.
Topli val: The best seafood dishes in the valley.
Gostišče Jazbec: A fine homely inn offering a broad selection of dishes.
Jelenov breg farm tourism: The inn closest to Nebesa. Warm and welcoming!
Kamp Lazar: A large terrace and fine food. Large pancakes of all types.
Kotlar: A terrace amidst Kobarid serving dishes from here and there.
Picerija Fedrig: The best pizza place in the town.

Friulian Slavia also offers culinary exploration of special kind. Ask us about it.