The Marble Trout and Its Story: Clever, shy, wonderful!

  • 29/Jun/2020
  • Maja Roš Kanellopulos, foto: Jošt Gantar, Maja Roš, Blaž Močnik

As a result of people's greed, the marble trout became practically extinct in the 1980s. It took a great deal of effort for fishermen and experts to bring the genetically pure indigenous fish back to the river Soča.

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A happy place

  • 30/Mar/2020
  • Text and photo: Katja Roš

The “Konjarska guta” lies on the eastern slopes of Matajur and occupies the upper part of the high mountain pasture Idrsko. This is a mysterious place with a mysterious name. “Konjarska” has a connection with horses. Is it because of the horses that used to breed here in the past? Is it because of the horse shepherds, the horsemen from Idrsko? And what does a “guta” means? In Slovene language it has no proper meaning…

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Name of operation: Energy improvement – Nebesa Chalets

  • 17/Sep/2019
  • Samo

We decided on energy improvement in 2018. For 15 years, we have provided our guests with peace, tranquillity and contact with nature. In line with that, we sought to bring the operation of the settlement closer to nature, to reduce the carbon footprint, to achieve self-sufficiency in terms of energy, and to reduce drinking water consumption and waste. Our vision is to put minimum burden on the environment in future, which is also related with our market philosophy and in line with the expectations of our guests. The foreseen energy improvement seeks to achieve just that.

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