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Dear guests, we invite you to find available dates in the calendar and book your nest for two. From our tarraces and from interior ambience you may 'dive' into Soča river, 'fly' above the Krn mountain, ‘sail’ to the Mediterranean sea, ‘ski’ the Kanin mountain chain and ‘fight’ on the battlefields of World War I.

Nebesa story

A place on the verge of reality

Nebesa is the name for four chalets for two persons captured on a panoramic deck between the sky and earth. A privilege for four adult couples almost a thousand metres above sea level and overlooking the peaks of the Julian Alps, the Triglav National Park and the emerald Soča river in the valley beneath.

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The seven of us

Nebesa is also a home. A home to three generations. And a dog. Bojan arises with the sun to mow steep pathways. Katja lives for stories. Your hosts will be Maja and Samo, someday perhaps also Jan and Gal. The most adored is no doubt Ash, a Bernese Mountain Dog. Thank you for scratching him!

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Feel Nebesa


Nebesa is for her and for him who carry along books, reading them aloud to each other. Nebesa is a place for life decisions. For deliberation in peace. For lounging around and daydreaming. For exercising the body and soul. It is simply a place high above the daily routine – a place of temporal and visual luxury.

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Connect to the moon and stars!

Admiration. Is a gift kindled by the feelings you get here. Wherever you look, you will see the grandeur of nature. Help us preserve it! Since it cannot be taken for granted. Although it paints its own pictures. It used to paint smoother lines. There was more grass, stacks of hay and live haylofts. Today, haylofts are ruins, while forests tend to overgrow grassland and meadows. Did you know that when the scythe goes silent, so does the corncrake?

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Colours of Nebesa
Spring: an infusion of energy

In spring, all living creatures are thirsty for energy. For a cocktail of water, sun and air. With a hint of the Mediterranean and Alpine climate, the colour of saffron, the scent of soil, and the murmur of swollen rivers and waterfalls. We learn to bloom from flowers!

Summer: the scent of greenery

In summer, green makes your eyes hurt. This is the time of a grass cult and the scent of second-cut hay. Welcome among corncrakes! The softest grass is on mountain pastures, where shepherds and cheesemakers dwell, cow bells ring and cheese ages. The scent of greenery is particularly strong there.

Autumn: on Mediterranean deck

Autumn is the time of golden and copper hues, magnificent panoramas and wildly coloured sunsets. It is the time of uncovering the veil of history on the Mediterranean deck. To explore the culture of the frontier region. And it is also the time of abundance – the time of apples and pears, plums and walnuts …

Winter: like on an ocean liner

In winter, soil teaches us to rest. Nebesa gains a hint of the mystic solitude of monasteries. It invites you to silently observe yourself and the surroundings. Trampling the snow, you will meet no one. Nebesa is like an ocean liner stranded between the sky and earth.

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Hiša Franko

We are linked with Hiša Franko through family ties. Chef Ana Roš is the eldest daughter of Katja and Bojan, who built Nebesa. Ana is bound to Nebesa by special memories. It was here at the Livek ski slope that Ana learned to ski and paved her way to the national ski team. Today, most of our guests are also guests of Hiša Franko.

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High on life

“High on life” is a journey through new experiences, stories, primeval flavours to the people living in the Soča Valley. Using EU funds, we prepared a unique adventure trail – you will learn about the marble trout, Drežnica goats, oxen and taste štruklji, mountain cheese and curd cheese from the kettle, pick herbs and prepare an egg omelette in front of a mysterious cabin in the woods.

Soon on www.highonlife.si