In the name of nature

Nebesa is not a nameless room. It is not a hotel. It is an experience provided by unspoilt nature. In today’s world flooded by plastic, we deliberately chose not to be a part of the destructive machinery of this planet. We seek to stand out. To defy plastic bottles and cans, which take a century to decompose.

When the scythe goes silent, so does the corncrake

“Crrrack. Crrrrrack!” That is the sound produced by a corncrake in summer evenings. It is a mysterious bird from the family of rails. The sound is reminiscent of a scythe being ground, which is where it gets its name. It lives in high grass. And this is why it is endangered. In the old days, mowers would meticulously move their nests to a safe place. Nowadays, it is often the victim of motorised lawnmowers and even more often of meadows disappearing.

The Gold Travelife environmental certificate

Nebesa Chalets obtained the Gold Travelife environmental certificate in 2019. We have committed ourselves to respecting the environment, tradition, cultural and historical heritage, and further connecting with the local community. Using EU funds, we have achieved energy efficiency and self-sufficiency, set up two charging stations for electric cars while striving for zero carbon footprint.

Our green policy

  1. Our tap water is fine water. It is better than bottled water.
  2. Water, too, cannot be taken for granted, which is why it should not be wasted.
  3. Separate your waste.
  4. We return glass, so do not throw it away.
  5. We seek to provide green and locally grown food.
  6. Save energy, turn out the lights and connect to the moon and stars!
  7. We offer electric charging stations and electric bicycles.
  8. The cottages are fitted with automatic recuperation ventilation, so there is no need to open the windows.